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September Intel Report

Happy September Everyone Summer is officially over and fall has arrived! Fall happens to be one of my favorite times of the year and it also brings some important events for TGS to grow our network and the opportunity to explain the ongoing growth of our work nationally and internationally.

Our Ugandan project has made some significant progress in the last month. We have over 20 students currently enrolled in vocational classes. Four students that attend Bible study were recently saved and we are so thankful for that answered prayer! We continue to have rescues and arrests made weekly. TGS also now has an official office building there in Busia. This building is still in the process of being built. (see photo below ) Pastor Noah has been very busy in the fight against human trafficking and has faithfully done the work there on behalf of The Gray Samaritan. We now have contacts with the police in Busia along with community leaders. TGS is now being sought out by the police and leaders for the rescue and recovery of victims of human trafficking. We give God alone the praise and glory for all this!

A few months back we were approached by a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym in Dillsburg about a fundraiser on October 21st to take place during the popular Dillsburg Fair. The plan is to have a motorcycle ride end across the street from the VFW, where we will have a stand. There will also be food trucks and some other cool demos and attractions. More details about this event will be on social media.

Right on the heels of the Dillsburg event is the Freedom Ride put on by the Freedom Biker Church. On November 4th we will all be at 2550 Pine Grove Rd, York PA for a ride and event. There will be a scenic motorcycle ride with an event to follow. The ride is for bikers only, but the event afterwards will be for all! Brad Bower is heading the event up and if you’d like more information please reach out to us and we’ll get you in touch!

We then head back to the Meadville/Cochranton area on November 18th for the annual Thanks-for-Giving event. This is the third time that TGS has been the focus of this event and it has been an awesome experience every time. The vendors there always have beautiful items for sale and the food and venue are great. If you're in that area please come, we'd love to see you!

Like I said, we have several events before the year ends, so please join us at one (or all!) and talk with us about what God is doing and how you can be a big part of what’s next. There is so much to do and we cannot do any of it without you!


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