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About TGS

Current estimates indicate there are over 49 million victims of human trafficking or slavery around the world. Of those, 15 million are children under the age of 15. Sadly the United States is a significant contributor to this appalling set of statistics. This is unacceptable. Of all the important battles for justice that are being fought, we sincerely believe that this one is of the utmost importance.


This organization was founded to assist the fight for justice, specifically in the area of human trafficking. This means helping stop the slavery industry, and sustainably rescuing the victims. This is a necessary and overwhelming task. It is our goal to align our hearts with God's in His call for gospel-justice. 


The Gray Samaritan supports this work by providing effective training, assistance and consulting to law enforcement and agencies so they can successfully find, arrest, and prosecute human traffickers and to assist the rescued in reentering regular life successfully. We also work to advocate and raise funds in support of counter human trafficking. We seek to do this with the utmost humility, recognizing that the glory of every rescue and arrest belongs to God - the deed, not the glory. We prefer to work quietly and behind the scenes for good, equipping people and organizations with the awareness, skills, and other tools necessary to begin eliminating human trafficking in their communities. 

The Origin of The Gray Samaritan

The ‘Gray Man’ blends into any environment, in three primary ways: adapts appearance to match those around them, understands his surrounding culture and community, and operates unnoticed. Our training helps provide these skills. 


The Good Samaritan is taken from a Bible story in Luke 10:25-37 in which "the good Samaritan", at his own expense, rescues a stranger from great peril. He loved his neighbor as himself even while in dangerous territory. He was proactively prepared, well equipped, and able to care for himself and render aid to others. His life was characterized by an attitude of service, regardless of cultural norms, and at his own expense. This was evidenced by his care toward and rescue of the stranger he encountered. Lastly, he was a man of upstanding reputation and character. Our organizational goal is to embody this behavior and train others to do so in the context of counter human trafficking and at no expense to the recipients of our services. 

seek. rescue. defend.

Isaiah 1:17 has inspired our tagline of seeking justice for the oppressed, rescuing the vulnerable from their oppressors, and defending them against future abuse. We equip agencies to do just that. 

mission statement

The Gray Samaritan is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating human trafficking by providing effective training, assistance and consulting to law enforcement and agencies so they can successfully find, arrest, and prosecute human traffickers.


Imago Dei

We believe that humans are intrinsically valuable because they are created in the image of God. Therefore, all people should be protected and valued. Those who are forced to endure the abuse and oppression of human trafficking are often taught from a young age that they are worthless and insignificant. TGS seeks to restore human dignity to these people and tangibly show them their value as created in God's image.

Train agencies to effectively rescue the trafficked from bondage in such a way that supports restoration of the trafficked and retributive justice to the perpetrators of human trafficking. 
Work with organizations to facilitate recovery, protection, and preperation of the recovered for successful reentry into a regular and healthy life. 
Retribution - Bringing Justice to the Oppressor
Unfortunately, there is no way to simply rescue enough people out of the hands of traffickers to eradicate the issue altogether. The oppressors themselves must be arrested and convicted to prevent them from exploiting more people. TGS is committed to training law enforcement agencies so they may effectively locate and apprehend these criminals. Our training courses help ensure procedurally effective and correct law enforcement to facilitate appropriate prosecution and conviction of human trafficking perpetrators. 
Organizational Credentials
Our training specialists are all vetted and possess extensive expertise- in many cases decades of experience, to include counter human trafficking. All are deeply committed to help end human trafficking and are deeply committed to the Christian faith. Our support team is well versed in cross-organizational coordination (governmental and non-governmental, public-private), mission training support, fund raising, and efficient operational support planning. 
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